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What the Salesperson Won't Tell You About Winding up Petitions

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Winding up Petition Help

Your company has probably received or is about to receive a winding up petition.

There is a 60% chance it could be from HMRC. It may not yet have been advertised and therefore your bank account may still be open.

You need to know exactly what to do before you are frozen out of your business. Find answers to these important issues immediately:- 

  • How to access your company Funds
  • How to deal with your Bank or Factoring company
  • What to tell your creditors
  • What not to tell your creditors
  • How to avoid personal repercussions
  • How to protect your customers
  • How to get the winding up petition dismissed
  • Stop HMRC from going behind the veil of “Limited Liability”.

You need to know all the answers to all of the important questions before a Salesperson manipulates you into doing something you may later regret.

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